JetAir Technology Drying & Blow-Off Testimonials

Customer Success Stories

Custom Machine for Tank Drying

Are you looking for a system that is designed precisely to your needs? Here at JetAir Technologies, we are proud to offer a sophisticated Engineered to Order service. JetAir’s ETO department allows you to work directly with our expert engineers, where you can customize your very own high-performance system to solve even the trickiest of problems.

Nutraceutical MDS Blender Dryer

This particular system was sent out to one of our many nutraceutical customers in Thailand. It will dry their industrial blenders in a fraction of the time previously needed. A 50cu ft industrial blender such as one from GEMCO, can be dried by the JetAir MDS in 22 minutes, tested time and time again to ensure reliability.

Tunnel & Enclosure Combo

In addition to the standard enclosure features that our customers have come to know and love, we’ve also added a few additional items such as voltage indication and an automatic bearing lubrication system. This set of equipment is being shipped out to a long-time customer and is ready to get to work!

Custom Machine for
Purple Mattress

We are excited to feature a hybrid system built for Purple. This beautiful machine is the result of our in-house design team working alongside Purple to create something that is efficient and easy to maintain, all while looking extremely good.

15 MicroJets for Clorox

We are excited to showcase 15 MicroJets that are being prepared for shipment to The Clorox Company. Any guesses as to what they might be using them for?

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