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JetAir DL Tunnel Series

Turn-Key Air Knife Drying System for The Consumer Packaged Goods Market

Meet The DL Tunnel + ENC700

Meet the DL Tunnel & ENC700 Combo! This powerhouse duo is one of our most popular and versatile drying systems. The tunnel features a bolt-together design and self-contained mounting so that you don’t have to tear into your line to get these installed! The Jetblasts are expertly positioned to allow for 3 different bottle sizes without cumbersome changeover. In addition to the standard enclosure features that our customers have come to know and love, we’ve also added a few additional items such as voltage indication and an automatic bearing lubrication system. This set of equipment is being shipped out to a long-time customer and is ready to get to work!

The DL Tunnel + ENC Is Customizable To Your Needs

The DL Tunnel + ENC is an innovative machine combination that is designed to safely remove and contain liquids and powders on a variety of production floors. The DL Tunnel features an iconic shape enhancing structural stability while housing specially engineered air components. The DL Tunnel doesn’t require altering the existing conveyor lines, as it comes with a self-supported mounting system. The DL Tunnel is paired with your choice of blower enclosure customized to your needs with enhanced safety and convenient controls and status features.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sound Containment
  • Water Overspray Capture
  • Self-Supported System For Easy Installation
  • High-Performance JetBlast Air Components
  • JetAir Direct Drive Centrifugal Blower
  • Easy Changeover
  • Start/Stop & Emergency Stop Controls
  • Optional Features: Ethernet Control, Stack Indicator Light, Air Filter Silencer, Illuminated Reset Button, Voltage Indicator, NPT Water Drain
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