How and When to change filters for optimal operation and to maintain your JetAir Warranty.

How do I change filters?

Improper filtration or operating the blower without a filter will void the warranty. Cylinder Filters and Panel Filters are available for all JetAir Blowers and Enclosure Systems for normal operating environments and HEPA applications.

Panel Filter Installation Procedure for Enclosure:

  1. Open the door of the blower enclosure and slide filter into position along guide rails near the top of the enclosure. Note air flow direction arrow on the side of the panel air filter. Correct air flow is from the top of the enclosure down into the blower compartment.
  2. Make sure the access door is closed and securely fastened.
  3. Change filters when the Filter Change Gage indicator needle moves from green to red, indicating a plugged filter.
  4. Inspect enclosure at blower outtake and make sure outtake gasket is in place between the enclosure wall and blower outtake. This seal assures no air will bypass the filter into the blower compartment.

Do not operate blower with access door open or unattached. Inspect enclosure for any loose items. Do not store any items in enclosure.

When do I change filters?

Under normal conditions, filters should be replaced when Filter Change Gage indicates “red” instead of “green.” In addition and if you are not using a JetAir Filter Change Gage, JetAir recommends visual inspections every two months.

A Filter should be changed any time a filter has a visible hole through its body.

Filters with excessive particle loading should be replaced immediately. It is possible your site has particles in the air that are smaller than the pore size of the filter. This will be become evident if the filter appears heavily loaded or discolored and the filter gage still reads “green.” We reccomend changing the filter immediately if this is seen.