Air Components reviews how to deliver JetAir Blower Air to a process, part or container.  Air duct sizing and and component orientation question and answers follow.

How to size air ducts and lines?

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What is the best way to orient a JetBlast™ Nozzle System?

When using the JetBlast™ like an Air Knife, orient it similarly but 1.5-2.5” from the container. When using the JetBlast™ for part or can end drying the JetBlast™ should (typically) be mounted closer to the part or item to be blown-off.

What is the best way to orient an Air Knife?

Air Knives tend to be most effective when rotated 15º below the horizontal plane (as shown). Further the highest point of the Air Knife Gap should be the first point of contact to meet the highest point on your part or container (as shown).